Our Vision

"For everyone to have the opportunity to lead healthy fulfilling lives"


Our Mission

"Working to provide good quality homes and support communities"


Who Are We?

We are primarily a social landlord, providing low-cost rented accommodation for individuals and families across Fife. 

Our History

In 1991 a group of residents in Cardenden came together as part of a voluntary committee and registered what was then known as Auchterderran Housing Association. Their main aim was to secure the transfer of housing stock from Scottish Homes and improve their community. They successfully achieved the transfer of 131 properties in 1995 with a further 211 properties secured in 1997.

In 1999, we felt that the name of Auchterderran Housing Association no longer sufficiently represented us as an organisation, due to our extending area of operation and it was agreed that we would become Ore Valley Housing Association.



As the brand has grown we have gained several subsidiary companies along the way. We have changed the name for the overarching organisation to Ore Valley Group, with the individual subsidiaries sitting underneath.  

Ore Valley Housing Association

Provides over 650 homes around central Fife, along with six retail units located in Lochgelly.

Ore Valley Enterprises

Provides affordable Mid-Market Rent properties across 5 developments within Fife.

Ore Valley Community Initiatives

Previously known as Fife HARCA, OVCI manages the Lochgelly Miners' Institute and the Ore Valley Business Centre

CHAP (Cardenden Heating and Power)

Within CHAP are two further subsidiaries: Ore Valley Energy Ltd. which manages the wind turbine at Dundonald, and Ore Valley Heating Ltd. which helped fund the boiler replacement programme for Ore Valley Housing Association.


Our Values

These values underpin the way we behave and work. In pursuing our vision, the following values are at the heart of everything we do:

  • We will be a responsible and caring landlord and employer

  • We will be open and accountable for everything we do

  • We will be pro-active and innovative in dealing with opportunities and problems

  • We will be honest, approachable and reliable

  • We will be respectful and give fair treatment to everyone

  • We will listen to and learn from our customers and other networks


View our Meet The Board pages to find out how we are managed.