Is it a complaint?

This page will help you understand what is or is not a complaint.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is:

“ expression of dissatisfaction by one or more members of the public about the Housing Association's action, or lack of action, or about the standard of service provided by, or on behalf of, the Association”.

Here are some examples of what a complaint could be:

  • Failing to provide a service
  • Providing a poor standard of service
  • Failing to meet our published service standards
  • Treating you unfairly
  • Failing to follow our own policies or procedures

Please note we are not able to investigate complaints relating to issues over 6 months old.

What Is Not A Complaint?

A complaint is not:

  • A first request for a service.
  • A request for compensation.
  • Dissatisfaction with decisions taken in line with policy and/or statutory obligations (these should be heard through the appropriate appeals or legislative process).
  • Request under the Freedom of Information Act or Data Protection Act.
  • An attempt to reopen a previously concluded complaint, or an attempt to have the complaint reconsidered where the Association's definitive decision has been communicated (these should go to the SPSO).