Rights and Responsibilities

Ore Valley Housing Association 

If you rent your home from Ore Valley Housing Association you have a Scottish Secure Tenancy.   

This tenancy agreement gives you certain rights and responsibilities as a tenant.   Put simply if you pay the agreed rent and maintain the property in a good and clean condition you have the right to live in the property as your own home for as long as you want.

Following the introduction of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 you also have specific rights and responsibilities in relation to succession, assignations and anti-social behaviour.

As your landlord we will carry out all repairs that we are responsible for in a reasonable time period  and if we fail to do so you have recourse to use the Right to Repair Scheme or in certain circumstances you also have the right to carry out the repair yourself and deduct the reasonable cost of doing so from your rent.

We also have a duty to consult our tenants and other services users and we must give you the opportunity to Get Involved in making the decisions that have a direct impact on the services that we deliver to our tenants.

Further information about your rights and responsibilities as a Scottish Secure Tenant is available from Shelter Scotland.

Ore Valley Enterprises Limited

If you rent your home from Ore Valley Enterprises Limited you will either have a Scottish Assured Tenancy (SAT) or a Private Residential Tenancy (PRT).

Both of these tenancy types are for people who are renting from a private landlord.   

Further information about your right and responsibilities as a tenant renting privately in Scotland is available from Shelter Scotland.