Our Board

Ore Valley Housing Association is governed by a voluntary Board, which includes tenants and professionals in various fields. The Board oversees our strategic direction, reviews progress, and advises senior management.

The Board Members are all volunteers who are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation and making sure it has the resources to achieve this. They employ staff to manage and deliver the Association's services and are responsible for monitoring the quality and impact of the services provided. 

How we appoint board members

Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), however in between these meetings Board members can be co-opted onto the Board, but they must then be elected to the Board at the next AGM. Our Board can comprise up to a maximum of 15 members and meets around every 6 weeks.

Experience and training

We know that our Board members bring a wide range of knowledge, experience and strengths to our Board, especially when they are members of our communities . This is why we are always looking for such people to join our Board. Do you live in the communities we serve?  Are you interested in being on a Board, if you answer yes, please contact us so we can discuss what is involved.

Committees and other groups

We also have two committees that report to our Board: The Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee and the Development & Wider Role Committee. Both committees meet every 3 months. Some board members also sit on a subgroup called the Board Development Group, which is involved in Board recruitment and overseeing how each committee and the Board report to one another.

Who sits on these boards and committees?

We currently have 10 Board members, 2 are Ore Valley tenants and we would love to see more tenants on the Board.  To offer tenants a greater idea of what we do, we have started to get in regular contact with interested people on a variety of issues including reporting, estate management and customer service.

If you are interested in helping us either by sharing your views on different matters or becoming a Board member, please call the office on 01592 721917 and we would be happy to explain a bit more about this to you.

Current Board Members

Susan McDonald


Board Member from 11.01.11
Chairperson from 01.09.15

Gavin Smith

Vice Chairperson

Board Member from 02.12.14

Andrew Gibb


Board Member from 03.12.13

Tom Allan

Tenant Board Member

Board Member from 10.09.96

Tom Dougan

Board Member

Board Member from 20.01.13

Rosalind Eals

Board Member

Board Member from 14.09.04

John Flynn

Board Member

Board Member from 16.05.17

Alan Johnston

Tenant Board Member

Board Member from 07.06.16

Mark McLintock

Board Member

Board Member from 13.04.10

Isobel Muirhead

Board Member

Board Member from 12.07.16