Ending Your Tenancy - Covid-19

Ending your tenancy - Updated Tuesday 21st December 2020‚Äč

Our housing team are visiting tenants in their home to complete pre-exit checks subject to agreed control measures.   Prior to our pre-exit visit/inspection you will be asked to complete a short interview over the phone so that we can confirm the reason for the visit, and go over the control measures that we will need to follow to ensure that everyone is being kept as safe as possible.  

If you are planning to end your tenancy and you have not already notified us, you must give us 28 days notice in writing by emailing housing@orevalleyha.org.uk

When you give us notice to end your tenancy your Housing Officer will contact you to confirm your tenancy end date.  If your circumstances change we can put your leaving date on hold or agree to a new date that is more suitable for you or your family if this is needed. 

Your Housing Officer will contact you by email to confirm your tenancy end date and will also provide you with a copy of your final rent statement together with any rechargeable costs that may be attributable to you.

Before you leave the property you must remove your personal belongings and clean the property to a reasonable standard.  If we need to do this, you will be recharged the full cost of this work.

Before you return your keys, your Housing Officer will ask you to confirm if a specialist deep clean is required due to a confirmed or suspected case of coronavirus.

We will ask you to return all keys and fobs for the property on an agreed date, by posting them through the letter box at our Cardenden office using a sealed envelope with a note of your name and address.  If you fail to return the keys on the agreed date you will continue to be charged rent until we can arrange a lock change. This lock change will also be rechargeable to you.

You will also need to email housing@orevalleyha.org.uk with confirmation of your gas/electric supplier together with final meter readings/serial numbers.  

Pre-payment meters should be left in credit and the keys/cards should be left in the meter or returned with the property keys.

If you have any questions about ending your tenancy, please contact your Housing Officer on 01592 721 917.