Rent Review Consultation 2021/22

Tenant consultation is an important part of any rent review and must take place whenever we are proposing an increase to the rent you pay.

Rent Review Consultation

  • 13 Jan 2021
  • Useful Information

If you are an Ore Valley tenant you will receive a letter with all the details below and a form which you can complete and return to us to let us know your preferred option and any comments you may have. Alternatively, this year you can fill in the consultation form online via the My Home tenant portal. All returned forms, both written and online will be entered into a prize draw with the winner receiving a £50 voucher for your local CO-OP, closing date for submissions is Monday 8th February 2021.

We are pleased to confirm that the rent restructure process that we have been undertaking over the past few years has now been completed for all but a handful of tenants, and this means that the majority of our tenants are now paying the same rent based on size and type of property.

This means that there will be no more complex rent restructure calculations this year and any increase we are proposing will be a straight forward percentage increase that will be applied to all our properties.

Proposed Rent Increase

This year we are consulting on the following options:

Option 1 1.0% 0.4% higher than CPIH figure for Nov 2020
Option 2 1.25% 0.65% higher than CPIH figure for Nov 2020
Option 3 1.5% 0.9% higher than CPIH figure for Nov 2020

This proposed increase will be applied from 1st April 2021.

This year we are recommending an increase of 1.0% as we have calculated that this option would allow us to continue with our planned programme of property maintenance and service improvements; whilst ensuring that individual rent increases will be kept below a figure of £5.00 per month; with the majority of the increases being kept below a figure of £4.00 per month (please see the  tables below for more details).   If you would prefer to go for option 2 or option 3 this will allow us to deliver an accelerated programme of improvement to our existing homes, such as new external fences, roofs etc. 

If you are an Ore Valley tenant and have registered a My Home account click here to complete the consultation survey online. If you don't have a My Home account you can click the link above and register an account or call us on 01592 721 917 and we can help you set up an account.

What do we plan to do with your rent money

In developing these proposed increases we have taken account of the Scottish Housing Regulator’s clear and consistent message that any costs incurred by Social Landlords as a result of the global pandemic, or inflationary costs as the result of the UK leaving the EU should not be directly passed on to tenants in the form of increased rent payments.

Affordability continues to be very important to us and we continue to measure our performance in this area using the affordability criteria that our rents should be no more than 25-30% of your net income.  Even with this criteria in use we still recognise that many of our tenants could be facing increased financial pressures in the coming years due to high energy or high food costs, combined with uncertain or insecure employment, and we therefore plan to continue investing in our core services to support our tenants who are facing financial hardship.

In addition to the above we also need to continue investing in our existing homes, and working with our communities to improve your local environment as much as possible.  New homes are still required to respond to an ever increasing demand for good quality affordable social housing and it is our aim to continue meeting all of these challenges through applying a robust approach to delivering social justice for the communities that we serve. 

How can you help us by getting more involved 

All of the above objectives cannot be achieved without the rental income we receive from our tenants, and while it is very important that we continue to be financially resilient we also recognise that you expect us to be able to demonstrate that your rent is being used effectively to deliver value for money for you and your neighbours.  For this reason over the next year we aim to significantly improve how we share performance information with our tenants, so if you want to become more involved in shaping our future services you can do so, either by participating online or in person at one of our tenant led events.

If you would like to find out more information about how you can get involved, please contact us on 01592 721 917 or email

Option 1

1.0% increase Per month      
Type 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom
Flat £3.16 £3.56 £3.85 £4.19
Bungalow £3.27 £3.67 £3.96 n/a
House n/a £3.79 £4.08 £4.42

Overall Increase in annual income £30,441

Option 2

1.25% increase Per month      
Type 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom
Flat £3.95 £4.45 £4.81 £5.24
Bungalow £4.09 £4.59 £4.95 n/a
House n/a £4.74 £5.09 £5.52

Overall Increase in annual income £38,017

Option 3

1.5% increase Per month      
Type 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom
Flat £4.74 £5.34 £5.77 £6.28
Bungalow £4.91 £5.51 £5.94 n/a
House n/a £5.68 £6.11 £6.63

Overall Increase in annual income £45,593