The Ore Valley Group has been at the forefront in developing community energy projects. Our aim in promoting and developing renewable energy projects is to; reduce fuel poverty, derive an income from energy generation, promote economic activity and create opportunities for employment and training.

As part of our ongoing commitment, we installed a solar photovoltaic array on the roof of properties constructed in Lochgelly on the site of the former town stables. The installation has 12.23kW array made up of 43 solar panels covering over 70 square metres of roof space and will generate an estimated 10,000kW of power each year. The panels are hidden by a small surrounding wall on the top of the building designed to protect them from the elements and reduce any potential visual impact.

In broad terms, the panels will produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of three Fife homes for a whole year and all of the electricity generated will be exported to the grid, reducing the need for carbon-intensive power generation elsewhere.

Solar Panels at The Stables