The Scottish Social Housing Charter (also known as The Charter) was introduced by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 and was developed in consultation with the Scottish Housing Regulator, tenants, homeless people, housing associations, local authorities and other organisations with an interest in housing.

The Charter introduces a way of monitoring how housing associations and local authorities are performing and meeting their customer expectations. The Charter is aimed at improving the quality and standards of housing services. This can be achieved by helping you have a clear idea of what you can expect from us as your landlord.

The Charter describes outcomes that housing associations and local authorities need to meet.

How well are we performing?

When we talk about performance we mean how well we do an activity against targets or pre-determined standards. 

We gather information that helps us understand how we deliver our services. These pieces of information are called performance indicators because they help us measure our performance.

We review this information throughout the year and we report it to the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR).


How do you know how we are performing?

Our Performance Report: This is our first Charter performance report for tenants. Every year we will publish a new report by, or before, October.

Scottish Housing Regulation Report: The Regulator will also publish a report for each housing association and local authority in August every year. To see this report as well as to find more information, please visit:

We will also post the SHR report to all our tenants.

Our Annual Report:  The annual report has additional information on what we have done each year. This can be downloaded below, or viewed online via Issuu.

Tenant Newsletter: We use our tenant newsletter to report on performance throughout the year. These can be downloaded from our website.