Fife Housing Association Alliance (FHAA) is a partnership between the four Fife based housing associations – Fife Housing Association, Glen Housing Association, Kingdom Housing Association and finally us, Ore Valley Housing Association. 


FHAA is currently the Scottish Government and Fife Council’s preferred developer for the delivery of grant funded affordable housing in Fife.  The lead developer is Kingdom HA with the ownership and management, with some projects transferring to Alliance members when the building contracts complete.


The Alliance has been the preferred developer for affordable housing in Fife since April 2006, we are proud to be part of it and look forward to continued success in the years ahead. Prior to being in the FHAA, Ore Valley worked closely with Glen, Kingdom and Fife Housing Associations on a range of different projects and initiatives, but we found that when applying for grants to build new homes, we were engaging with each other on a competitive basis for scarce development funds.


One of the undoubted successes of the Alliance is that as a result of the removal of wasteful competition we have been able to focus our efforts in a much more positive way on the delivery of high quality and innovative housing and services for the communities we operate in.


The removal of competition has also allowed us to focus on a range of diversification projects aimed at generating income, economic activity and environmental improvement in ways which would not have been possible without the benefit of the Alliance.


This innovative alliance has brought together the combined strengths of all the Fife based housing associations enhancing our capacity to assist the Fife Housing Partnership deliver its Housing Strategy.  The Alliance has a presence on most key partnership groups within the Fife Community Planning/Fife Housing Partnership frameworks.  We have chaired the Fife Housing Association Forum since its inception with a supporting role in each of the following:

•  Local Housing Strategy Group 
•  Common Housing Register Group
•  Fife HECA Forum
•  Fife Fuel Poverty Forum
•  Renewable Energy Working Group
•  Special Housing Forum
•  Joint Future Housing Support Group
•  Business Planning and Investment Group
•  Information and Advice Group
•  Affordable Housing Group
•  Fife Homelessness Group