Useful Information

Keeping Well Over Winter

Sometimes people find the holiday period hard. Everyone seems to be having a great time but others could be feeling worried, isolated or finding it hard to cope and often the places where support is usually available are closed for the holidays. There are however lots of things you can do if you are feeling this way as well as services which provide emergency support and advice during this period that can be contacted.

With the help of Fife Adult Support and Protection service, we have pulled together the
following helpful tips:

A guide to Universal Credit

Universal Credit (UC) is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and aims to make the welfare system simpler by replacing six benefits and tax credits with a single monthly payment.

Read our guide for more information on how to apply and the support available.

Fire Safety Information for Tenants

FIRE SAFETY: What you need to know

Fire can have a devastating effect on you, your family and your home as seen in the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower. Our thoughts are with all that have been affected.