How many times have you started reading an article before realising that you really weren't interested... we've done it a million times. So to stop that happening again (on our website at least) we have decided to categorise our articles. 

We have 10 categories that all our news articles will fit into. They are:



Budgeting and Welfare

Everything from Universal Credit to how to afford your weekly shop,
if you need help and advice on your financial situation, this is the icon to look for!



Business Development 

Articles with this icon will talk about the business side of Ore Valley and it's
subsidiary companies, such as the wind turbine projects we have planned
or what's happening at the Business Centre.



Community and Neighbourhood

These articles are about the community you live in, from projects
 or events that are happening to services we can provide you. 



Guest Blog

Fancy yourself as a bit of a poet? Or do you have a really good recipe you want to share?
This section is for you! We are looking for tenants, residents and friends of Ore Valley
to write for us, let us know what's happening in your life. Show us you passion!



Health and Wellbeing

Here we will post info and tips on how to keep yourself and your family happy and healthy



Repairs and Maintenance

Does exactly what it says on the tin, this is where we'll let you know about
any planned repairs or maintenance in your area.




This is where we'll let you know about jobs, apprenticeships or volunteering
opportunities, as well as letting you know about any new staff members we take on.



Regulation and Performance

These articles will be keeping you up to date on how we're doing as an
organisation. Facts, figures, numbers etc!



Tenant Involvement

Here we will let you know about Tenant Involvement events and opportunities.
Get your voice heard! 



Useful Information

Everything else will filter into this category!