Our Estate Management Group is now up and running. The tenants who have volunteered to join this group have already demonstrated that they will be an excellent source of information and knowledge for the Association.

Through participation in this group, the members will help to inform and improve how we provide information to our tenants; and how we will consult with our tenants in the future.

The group has already agreed to look at some of the important services we provide to help us improve our performance in these areas. Through working in partnership with this group, we have already been able to review our Customer Charter. The Customer Charter is now displayed in our office and can also be seen on our website. We are also using the Charter to provide training for all our staff so that we can be sure that we are providing the level of service that our tenants expect from us.

Estate Management Group

As one of their first priorities the Estate Management Group have agreed to look at our void re-let standard. This will involve members of the group looking at what we do when we get the keys back for a house, and what we do to make sure the property is available for re-let as soon as possible.
As part of this process, members of the group will be inspecting some of our empty properties so they can help us to agree the standard we expect a property to meet when we get the keys back, and what a new tenant can expect from us when they move into their new home.

The Estate Management Group will also look at how much we spend on voids (empty properties) and through working in partnership with staff they will help us to review and improve our performance in this area. Over the next few months the group will also be looking at our estate management standards, and will be working with our Housing Team to agree the standards and make recommendations for improving and promoting more tenant involvement in this area.

If you are interested in joining the Estate Management Group, and sharing your knowledge and experience as a tenant of Ore Valley Housing Association, please contact Colin McInnes on 01592 723 803 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.