Community and Neighbourhood

Garden Competition Winners 2016

This year we looked at a completely new way to judge our Garden Competition. We asked people to enter into a choice of 4 categories: Best Kept Garden, Best Fruit and Vegetable Garden, Best Mixed Garden and Best Floral Baskets and Containers.

I Don't Want My Pet Anymore. What Do I Do?

A few weeks ago a pet rabbit was found abandoned in Lochore Meadows Country Park. Luckily a couple of walkers found him and notified the park rangers, who contacted the SSPCA, and the bunny was taken to safety. This is a very sad story which highlights the fact that sometimes, you can't look after your pets any more, and desperate times call for desperate measures. However, you should NEVER abandon a pet. But what should you do?

Fife's Buzzing!

Fife’s Buzzing is an exciting partnership project between Buglife and Fife Council. Creating and enhancing over 12 hectares of wildflower species-rich grassland across Fife with the support and involvement of the local community and school children.