Ore Valley Housing Association joined the Healthy Working Lives scheme back in 2013 gaining the Bronze Award, followed by Silver Award in 2015. 
Now we're going for Gold!

What is Healthy Working Lives?
The Healthy Working Lives Award supports employers and employees to develop health promotion and safety themes in the workplace. 

Achievements so far:
Our teams here at OVHA have put a lot of effort and their own time into making sure that we can achieve both a healthier outlook on our lives and the community.

A few of the things we have organised are:

  • Sponsored walks (one of them 26 miles)
  • Healthy baking, raising funds for local charities
  • Gym membership - encouraging our teams to become fitter
  • Advice on many topics (e.g. dementia, loneliness) which was also displayed on our notice board for visitors to read.

Gold Award

We now feel it is time for us to aim high and ‘Go for Gold’.
The Gold Award will see us planning for the future, covering the next 3 years and, once achieved, maintaining the award on a rolling basis. It will see us looking more at how we can involve and help our community, looking at ways in which we can strengthen health, safety and wellbeing. For this we need your help by becoming involved in our activities.
We will keep you up to date on our future plans and would love to see you taking part in these.

Watch this space!

For further info on Healthy Working Lives visit their website at www.healthyworkinglives.scot 
Healthy Working Lives