The festive period is always an expensive one, and it's important that you don't spend more than you can afford. Here are some excellent tips and guidance for being money smart this winter.
Set a Budget
Not just for presents but for food, drink and socialising. This way you know what your limits are and you won't overspend, leaving yourself with debt in the New Year. To help yourself budget, make a list of the people you are planning to buy presents for, then decide how much money you have available to spend on presents. Split this amount between everyone on your list and make sure you don’t spend more than you say you will.

There are voucher schemes in many large supermarkets and food stores, which can help you spread the cost of Christmas over a long period. Asda for example do a Christmas Saving Card which helps you save up to £150. It's never to early to plan for the festive period, so why not look into doing this for next year?
Look Out For Deals

Many of the big retailers hold flash sales in the weeks coming up to Christmas, and often start the 'Boxing Day Sales' way before Christmas - so hold off on paying full price for something which may well go down in the coming weeks.
Try Cheaper Brands

There is always a focus on going for the best or most expensive at Christmastime when cheaper options may be just as good! This could apply to food, drink or presents!
We have our own Budgeting Fairy Godmother! It's never too late to budget, and Danielle can help you get the right advice, so that your finances are in order for Christmas and beyond!
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