We have over 650 social housing properties across Fife. Most of our properties are in Lochgelly, Cardenden and surrounding areas, however we do have some individual properties as far as St Andrews.

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Social Housing

Mid Market Rent 




Social Housing

We are first and foremost a housing association which provides low-cost social housing to individuals and families who need it. 

If you would like a home with us, you need to fill out an application to the Fife Housing Register (FHR). This is a Common Housing Register which means one registration form allows you to apply for social housing across all the housing associations within Fife.

Once your application is received, you will be assessed against a points scheme. You will get points for things like homelessness or potential homelessness, overcrowding, disability needs etc..

Once your application has been accepted you will be placed in one of the following waiting lists, based on your needs:

  • Urgent Housing Needs
  • Poor Housing Circumstances
  • Lack of Security
  • Social and Medical Needs
  • Management Needs
  • No Immediate Needs.

Fife Council have a guide on social housing which explains the points system further. You can also do the Housing Options Online Self Assessment which asks you a series of questions and will determine what kind of housing is affordable and suitable for your needs. 


What Are My Chances Of Getting A Home?

Your likelihood of being allocated a home will vary on how many points you have and which areas you have chosen as your preferences. 

Some areas are much more in demand than others and it is worth having an open mind to different areas in Fife to give yourself the best chance of being housed. Speak to one of our housing officers on 01592 721 917 to find out which areas are less in demand. 

Unfortunately, at the moment you cannot apply online for social housing in Fife.

If you have a housing enquiry or wish an application form to be sent out, either use our Contact Us form or call the office on 01592 721 917.


Rent Prices

In 2016 we have restructured our rent prices, so that all properties of the same size and type will be paying the same amount. Below is a matrix which shows the monthly rent of every type of property.


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Mid Market Rent

Mid Market Rent (MMR) is another housing option which may be suitable for you. Our MMR properties are managed by Ore Valley Enterprises (the trading arm of the Ore Valley Group) and are not social housing. Visit our Mid Market Rent section of the website for more information.  



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