Part of the Alliance is to develop new projects and strengthen, complement and enhance existing projects with the aim of regenerating community spirit and improving our communities. We call this Wider Role. We promise to secure funding to continue to grow the range of projects we will deliver, maintain existing partnerships and develop new collaborative relationships which contribute to our key objectives. Below are our Wider Role themes and aims.


Tenant, Resident and Community Projects

Aims: To support activities which benefit our tenants, residents and their communities

How we will achieve this:
• Consulting with tenants on a range of issues;
• Providing advice and assistance to tenants, across a range of issues, such as energy advice, welfare and money advice, and other areas which will contribute to their well being;
• Consulting with local communities to identify priorities;
• Working in partnership with local groups to develop projects;
• Encouraging self help and capacity building.


Energy Efficiency and The Environment

Aims: To make a significant contribution to sustainability by promoting energy efficiency, encouraging use of renewable sources of energy / sustainable materials and protecting the environment.

How we will achieve this:

• Improving the awareness of and ability of tenants to use energy in the home in a way that minimises their fuel bills;
• Keeping housing stock in good condition;
• Being proactive in providing tenants with homes that they can afford to heat;
• Improving energy efficiency of housing stock;
• Increasing contribution to fuel needs from renewable energy and locally generated energy;
• Encouraging recycling and re-using of resources.


Training and Employment

Aims: To work with partners to coordinate a range of training interventions, creating a more effective employability pathway, which will help move a larger number of workless people towards suitable employment. 

How we will achieve this:
• More effectively linking opportunity and need;
• Helping to tackle worklessness by assisting unemployed people into employment and training opportunities;
• Focussing initially on construction jobs in major capital projects;
• Investigating opportunities in various occupational sectors and social enterprises;
• Working in partnership with Fife’s employability partners.


Education and School Initiatives

Aims: To develop business partnerships with schools as part of their curriculum, to promote an integrated, educated and inclusive society.

How we will achieve this:
• Providing positive links between schools, colleges and local businesses which may support career education;
• Establishing mutually beneficial partnerships, with pupils and students being the main beneficiaries;
• Developing a range of activities, such as a site visits, play parks, renewable energy projects, eco-schools, recycling, social enterprise and health projects;
• Initiatives with colleges and universities which provides educational training and placements for students.


Public Art Strategy

Aims: To use public art to make an important contribution to the lives of those who live and work in the communities where we operate.

How we will achieve this:
• Undertaking community consultation for all artwork projects;
• Encouraging a public art ‘culture’ so that public art is automatically considered as a vital component of any housing development/project;
• Meeting the challenge of new and exciting arts media, practitioners & audiences;
• Providing employment opportunities for artists and creative industries.